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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

100 Days!!!???!!!

Today was the 100th Day of School. 
As always, I over planned. 
I had waaaay too many activities to do with the kids and
not enough time in our school day to complete them all. 
I usually have that problem each year. 
I'm not worried. 
One thing I did differently this year was invite the kids to dress as 100 year old people. 
What a HOOT! 
They looked so great! 
I giggled to myself all day. 
 The little ladies in the room took their pocketbooks and canes with them everywhere we went. 
We have 75 more days together. 
Our time is ticking away. 
These little people will be moving on to a new building next year. 
I can't imagine what the last day of school will be like
if I am already getting weepy at the thought of their leaving--
and it's only January 29th. 
Here are a few pictures from today.  (just for grins and giggles)

Loved that our hair color matched!

That's a lot of centurians!
It was a lot of fun, but I am really glad that the 100th day of school only comes once a year.
It wears me out.
I'm heading to wash the gray paint out of my hair and get ready for tomorrow. 
The 100th was delicious!
It's so important to celebrate the little things.
The little things are really what we remember the most.
Have a good night my friends!
(P.S.   Amy...this one was just for you!)

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