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Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Move In Day!

 When we had our children (which seems like just yesterday)
our goals were to raise them with kind and gentle hearts, 
strong work ethics,
communication skills that would benefit them,
respect for all others,
 the willingness to help others,
 a love for God,
and actions which would lead others to see Jesus through them.
As parents, we work towards having our kids leave the nest.
We work to make sure they have the life skills and are responsible enough to "make it."
I know that this is what we've worked for, but how did it happen so fast?

Just two weeks ago we took this young man to college.
(Wasn't it sweet of him to have his picture taken with me on my first day of school?)

I can't even begin to express the pride I have in my heart.
God blessed us so much when he gave us the opportunity to be his parents.

Happy Move In Day!
Go Gorillas!

Do great things.
Be your best!
Make us proud.
Remember that we love you.


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