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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Today is a really cool day in the history of "us."
On this day in history,
my Mr. stole one of my rings in order to ask me to be his girl.
I said yes.
(I had no choice.  My daddy bought the ring which was stolen!)
The rest truly is history.
Today happens to be the 27th anniversary of us.
This guy has been my boyfriend for 27 years!
In the crazy, hectic day to day life, sometimes we find ourselves going through the motions of raising a family, working full time jobs and then following the kids to events.
Well, today, I'm stopping to think about the blessings he brings every day.
He's been my best friend.
He has seen me at my best and my worst.
He has held me when I was happy.
 He has held me when I was so heartbroken that all I could do was cry.
He spoils me rotten.
By that, I mean he brings me chocolates,
changes light bulbs,
dusts the ceiling fans,
kills spiders and bugs,
and scrubs the toilets!
This guy is hilarious.
He knows how to make me laugh!
He supports me.
He doesn't get upset when I pro-craft-inate.
(Yes...there are many days that I do no housework because of craft projects.  heehee!)
Did I mention that he brings me chocolate?
He takes great care of me.
He goes to the grocery store  - sometimes very late at night -
for the milk/bread/coffee, and he even brings back chocolates.
He is a terrific dad to our kids!
I can't even begin to tell you all about that.
He shares my history.
He's been right there - by my side - through it all.
High School
Raising babies
Chasing kids
Losing my Daddy
Job changes
Plan changes
Highs and Lows of life
This list could go on and on.
I'm so very lucky.
I certainly don't deserve to be this happy or to be loved so much.
I am proud to have been his girl for that many years.
...and just for the record,
our wedding anniversary is just 2 short weeks away.
That's another beautiful post all in itself.
LIFE is delicious.
Have a terrific day, my friends!


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Living the Dream
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