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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crazy Spring Weather

The weather in our neck of the woods is always entertaining, to say the least.
This past week we finally had some really nice spring weather!
It was nice to be outside enjoying sunshine.
The temperature got up to 80 degrees a few days.
It's been windy.
...VERY windy.
Since we have had so much cold and snow during this very, very long winter,
I've really enjoyed the warmer temperatures despite the crazy wind  the BAD hair days.
Today, we have highs in the upper 70's with more crazy wind
and a chance for severe thunderstorms this afternoon and this evening.
As I write this post, I'm sitting in front of my butterfly garden at school. 
On Friday, there were a few little signs of spring.
Birds hopping around.
New flowers starting to poke through the mulch.
There was no indication of the butterfly bushes thinking it was spring, though.
It's a completely different story.
  I see little leaves budding out on both of the butterfly bushes.
I also see new border grass poking through. 
I love to watch the plants and trees as the season changes.
I'm so excited that the garden will be full of colorful plants, birds, and butterflies very soon.
My students love it as much as I do.
They will be excited to see the changes tomorrow!
Speaking of tomorrow....
Would you like to hear the forecast????
Lows near 28 and a high of 41!!!!
There's a chance for rain/snow mix!
I guess I better think about covering the new little flowers.
We are in a freeze warning until Tuesday.
Isn't that crazy?
Crazy Spring weather....
despite the unpredictability, it's delicious! 

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Living the Dream
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